After being submitted to a position, how long does it take to get a call for the interview?


Once you have been submitted for a travel position, it can take up to 48 hours for the Hiring Manager to give you a call. Your file must be reviewed and approved for an interview. Once this happens the Hiring Manager will give you a call to interview. Depending on their busy schedules, the number of submissions and the number of positions available are all factors that the Hiring Manager could be juggling that could lead to an interview delay. 

Below are a few examples of why Travelers do not receive calls or do not connect with the Managers when they call. Please review and make note if any of this information may apply to you. 

  1. Not qualified or qualified but does not have as much experience as another candidate
  2. The Manager called but you did not answer
  3. The Manager called but the call dropped
  4. The Traveler and the Manager are playing phone tag
  5. Lots of submissions, not enough positions
  6. Position closed and was filled internally with another candidate
  7. A current Traveler extended, and the position is no longer available

You could not have received a call back for any of the reasons above. I try to stress as often as possible that you should have at least two Recruiters with whom you are always working. You should be submitted to several opportunities and take the position that best fits you. The first interview that you complete and that you love, you accept that assignment and notify your Recruiters immediately to retract you from all other submissions.

No worries on the number of submissions, if you are collaborating with a good Recruiter, they will know how to balance your submissions while getting you placed in your most desired position as soon as possible. If you have already interviewed with a facility and you decide not to go with them, thank them for the opportunity and leave the door open for future opportunities. 

As always, the best scenario for you will always work out in your favor. Trust in yourself, your skills and the position that is meant for you will be yours!

Happy Safe Travels, 

The Orion Allied Healthcare Team