Can I extend my assignment for a shorter or longer term?

Assignment Extensions

It is possible for you to extend your assignment for as many weeks you are available. Please check with your Recruiter to confirm the number of weeks you can extend your assignment. 

If you are being asked to extend your current assignment, the Manager would normally ask you how long you are available to extend. For example, if you are offered to extend for 13 weeks but only can extend 8 weeks, most Managers would totally accept it. Depending on how short the unit is and if you have been doing a good job, the Manager would most often accept any number of weeks you are available to extend depending on the facility. 

If you are extending, always try to strive for the number of weeks you are asked to extend as this will go a long way with the facility and you will be recommended to come back if you continue to do a great job. Keep up the good work!

Happy Safe Travels, 

The Orion Allied Healthcare Team