When will I receive my First Day reporting instructions?


If you have made it this far in the process, “Great Job.” This means you have completed the Interview & Compliance process and Cleared to start. Welcome Aboard!!! You are in the last stretch of the onboarding process and getting ready to get on the road or board your flight in the days or weeks ahead. Either way, Congratulations!

Your first-day reporting instructions also referred to as FDI’s will be sent to you by a member of our Relationship Management team. These instructions are sent once all compliance is completed at the facility you have been assigned. This is between Wednesday and Friday on the week prior to you starting your assignment.

Once the agency receives these instructions you are “Cleared” with the facility on your compliance and approved to attend orientation. Your Compliance Specialist, Recruiter, or Account Manager will send you all the orientation information, first-day reporting instructions, and anything else you will need for your first day on the job. Sometimes the facility will send you this information directly as well so please be sure to check your email.

What is included in these instructions? These instructions include your clearance to start, start date, start time, directions to the hospital and classroom. Instructions will also include your scrub colors and any other details pertaining to your new assignment.

For additional details, please reach out to your Recruiter or give us a call at 1-800-773-0686. 

Happy Safe Travels, 

The Orion Allied Team smiley