Why are so many Recruiters calling?


If you are getting calls from lots of Recruiters, one good way to look at it is that “You are in Demand.” Recruiter calls are generally prompted by something you did knowingly OR unknowingly on a job posting website. It could be any job posting site especially those that caters to Healthcare professionals.

Below are some main reasons Travel Nurses get so many calls from Recruiters:

  1. You filled out an application on a job posting site or agency website
  2. You posted your resume on a job posting site or agency website
  3. You filled out “Contact Me” on a job posting or agency website

There are several other ways Recruiters could have received your information but if you are getting inundated with calls it is probably because of one of the 3 reasons listed above.

However, you do want the calls but maybe not so many. At the end of the day, you will only need (1) one travel assignment. Take this time to interview Recruiters! Finding the right Recruiter is the next obstacle you will face on your journey to finding the perfect travel assignment. If you are getting 50 calls, respond to 10 of them and start interviewing Recruiters. If you don’t have time, ask them to email you or send you a text message so you can follow up when the time is convenient for you.

The Recruiters that follow & respect your instructions and also have a great first impression are the Recruiters that should fill the top spots for you to consider.

Once you have found the perfect Recruiter, go back to the job posting site, remove your information or update it to let the Recruiters know that you have found something. This will stop future calls and cut down on the current calls you are receiving.

Happy Safe Travels, 

The Orion Allied Healthcare Team smiley