As a fast-growing healthcare staffing company, Orion Allied Healthcare’s mission, vision, and sole purpose, is to provide the best possible care for the patients of every healthcare facility we serve. In utilizing contingent staffing, our client partners benefit by being able to meet short and long-term census fluctuations and acute staffing demands, which ultimately create a safer working environment.

Orion Allied Healthcare is by no means a novice company. Our combined 75 years of experience is the core of our high standard of ethics, professionalism and quality of healthcare. Because patients are our priority, we provide our client partners with highly skilled and thoroughly vetted healthcare providers, ensuring the best patient care outcome and overall care experience.

We believe communication is key and welcome feedback from our client partners. If there is anything we can do to tailor meet your department’s specific needs, we will work to make that happen. Orion Allied Healthcare is available for you 24/7.